Plan a Conference

A conference at your church, school, university, or other location is a great way to spread the word about Biblical earth stewardship and the plight of the poor. If you would like to plan a conference, we will help you! See the attached checklist, fill out  the Cornwall Alliance Speaker Request Form,  and contact us at

Cornwall Alliance Speaker Request Form

Cornwall Alliance Conference Planning Checklist


If you would like topic suggestions, here is a list of past Cornwall Alliance speaker topics:

  •  Godly Dominion vs. Environmentalism: Reducing Poverty, Restoring Liberty, and Renewing Human Dignity by Reclaiming the Blessings of Genesis 1:28
  • Witness in Confrontation with Environmentalism: Understanding and Responding to the Longings of Dark Green Religion
  • The Environmental Dimensions of Poverty
  • Rationally Assessing the Global Warming Controversy
  • Biblical Foundations for Creation Care
  • Deep Ecology, Neo-Paganism, and the Irrationalism of Global Warming Hysteria
  • Environmentalism and Christianity: Two Opposite World View
  •   Evangelical Environmentalism: An Assessment of Its World View and Theology
  • The Garden and the Wilderness: A Biblical Ethical of Environmental Stewardship
  • Environmental Stewardship in the Judeo-Christian Tradition: Biblical Foundations and Historical Development
  •  Managing the Resources of the Earth
  •  People and Pollution: Searching for Truth in a Maze of Contradiction
  •  Preserving Reason and Liberty from the Threat of Post-Normal Science
  •  Problems of Environmental Misinformation among Evangelical Environmentalists
  • Providential History in Science
  •  The Competing Worldviews of Environmentalism and Christianity
  • What Can the Westminster Standards Tell Us about the Global Warming Controversy?
  •  The Relevance of Eschatology to Biblical Earth Stewardship
  • Next Generation Science Standards: Political or Pure?
  • The Ecological Utopia: The Earth Charter and Global Government