Take Action

The Cornwall Alliance is an educational organization created to provide Christ-centered, scientifically sound analysis on the environment, energy, life issues, poverty, hunger, and much more. But we know that knowledge leads to action, and so we have provided a list of ways to become involved in the fight against the lies of the Green Movement.


The Cornwall Alliance Speakers Bureau

Planning a conference and need a speaker? This is the place for you! The Cornwall Alliance provides a growing number of experts to address a variety of topics. Click here to learn more.


Declarations and Petitions

As issues arise, the Cornwall Alliance provides leadership in the form of declarations and petitions on specific issues. Many well-known scientists, theologians, economists, and lay-people have endorsed Cornwall Documents, and they are open for you to endorse as well. Click here to endorse The Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming, or here to endorse The Cornwall Declaration. Click here to read the full list of Cornwall Alliance Landmark Documents.


Plan a Conference

We have provided a number of resources to help you plan a conference, including a conference check list, a Cornwall Alliance Speaker Request Form, our Speaker’s Bureau, and a list of topic ideas. Click here to see those resources. If you would like assistance planning a conference, or if we can be of service in any other way, please contact us at Stewards@CornwallAlliance.org


Request a Speaker

Already know which speaker you wish to invite, or want to know which speaker is available for a specific date? Click here, download and complete the request form, and send it in.


Tell Your Friends

The easiest way to spread the word about the Cornwall Alliance, Christ-centered environmental stewardship, and the lies of the Green Movement is to tell your friends. There are scores of ways for you to spread the word to your friends and circles of influence. Click here to learn more.