Additional Signers of “An Open Letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change”

Institutional affiliation is for identification only.
203. Dorothy Addington, Tacoma, WA, USA
204. E.-Ulrich Affeld, Theology, Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany
205. Louise Abbott, Solana Beach, CA, USA
206. Jerry & Vicki Albanese, M.S. (Earth Science), Garrison, NY, USA
207. David Anglin, M.D. (Pediatric Critical Care), Austin, TX, USA
208. Paul Ashton, M.Sc. (Gerontology), USA
209. Stephen Ayres, USA
210. Roger R. Baekeland, B.S. (Geological Engineering)
211. Brian Bankston, B.A. (History), Fort Worth, TX, USA
212. Mary Kay Barton, B.S. (Health Science), Grassroots Activist, Media Editor, Citizen Power Alliance, Silver Lake, NY, USA
213. Ben Bassford, B.S., C.P.A., Delray Beach, FL, USA
214. Michael Batten, B.S. (Mining Engineering), Retired, Lakesland, Australia
215. Charles G. Battig, M.S., M.D., Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment, Charlottesville, VA, USA
216. Craig and Nancy Beamer, M.D., USA
217. Deborah Melvin Beisner, B.A. (American Studies), Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
218. John Berger, MI, USA
219. Teddy Bjorem, M.R.E. (Christian Education), Lecturer (Retired), Researcher, Australia
220. Mike Blackadder, B.S. (Engineering Physics), M.B.A., USA
221. Maria Patricia Blaksley, USA
222. G.T. Bohmfalk, Ph.D. (Entomology), Director of Research and Development, Scentry Biologicals Inc., TX, USA
223. Wladimir E. Boldyreff, P.E., B.S. (Civil Engineering), Registered Engineer, State of Michigan, Retired, Marysville, MI, USA
224. Horacio Juan Bolo, Ph.D. (Medicine), Buenos Aires, Argentina
225. Seth Bollier, B.S. (Construction Engineering Management Technology), Community Service Leader, Center for Service and Learning (IUPUI), MI, USA
226. Brian T. Bloomquist, Ph.D. (Molecular Biology), Indianapolis, IN, USA
227. Brandon Bosarge, M.S. (Applied Meteorology), MS, USA
228. Colleen Braden, J.D., Davie, FL, USA
229. Mr and Mrs David Bradley, Chicago, IL, USA
230. Carolyn Brown, B.S. (Business Management), CO, USA
231. Stephen Brown, B.A. (General Studies), Friendswood, Texas, USA
232. Mark Brumbaugh, M.S. (Chemical Engineering), Spring, TX, USA
233. Constance Ann Brushaber, TN, USA
234. Karen Bryfogle, B.A. (English Literature), Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
235. Holly Russo Buss, B.S. (Business Administration), AZ, USA
236. Nicholas J. Burrow, IL, USA
237. Eamon Butler, Dublin, Ireland
238. Stephen Byrne, M.D., Moorestown, NJ, USA
239. Lisa C. Cain, M.D., Ashland, KY, USA
240. Don Campbell, J.D., TX, USA
241. Ashley Canning, Vice President, Pro Life Elderly and Homebound Club Inc., Staten Island, NY, USA
242. Jose Mare Gonzelez Cantero, M.B.A., Naval Architect, Madrid, Spain
243. David E Capan, Bethel Park, PA, USA
244. Robert Carballo, Ph.D. (Comparative Literature), Professor, Millersville University of Pennsylvania, PA, USA
245. Thomas Carroll, B.S. (Wildlife Biology), Rescue Technician, Airgas Onsite Safety Services, Missoula, MT, USA
246. Richard J. Carter, Jr., J.D., Lawyer, Orleans, MA, USA
247. Dennis J Cerney, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Senior Electrical Engineer, Iron River, MI, USA
248. Richard C. Chapin, M.Div., Th.M., M.S. (Education), Reverend Father, Diocese of Quincy, Anglican Church in N. America, PA, USA
249. Jan Christoffersen, B.S. (Geological Engineering), M.B.A., White Rock, British Columbia, Canada
250. Hilda Cirotto, Teacher, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
251. Lydia Clark, New Orleans, LA, USA
252. Richard L. Cleary, M.S. (Biology), M.A. (Philosophy), PA, USA
253. Trevor Clift, B.S. (Biological Science with Education), Milton Keynes, Great Britain
254. Alan B. Clune, USA
255. Dr.Cajetan Coelho, Ph.D., (History), Historian/Anthropologist, Researcher, Writer, Brussels, Belgium
256. Leonel Munhoz Coimbra, Brazil
257. Richard Michael Coleman, L.L. M., (Trial Advocacy), Professor, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, USA
258. Thomas H. Connolly, Ph.D. (Music), Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Pennsylvania, Wynnewood, PA, USA
259. Rev. Paddy Cook, M. Div., Evangelist, Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship, Bristol, TN, USA
260. Simon Conway-Smith, B.S. (Computer Science), Cambridge, Great Britian
261. John H.Cooney, Master of Commerce (Accounting),
262. Peter Costea, Ph.D. (Diplomacy), Attorney, USA
263. Kenneth Todd Coykendall, OR, USA
264. Patrick I. Coyne, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Hays, KS, USA
265. Geraldine Craig, Chicago, IL, USA
266. Robert E. Croach, M.S. (Counseling), Lt Col USAF (RET), Canon City, CO, USA
267. William John Crossley, B.A.S. (Mineral Engineering), Project Manager, Fellow of the AusImm, Bateman, Western Australia
268. Claude C. Culross, Ph.D. (Organic Chemistry), LA, USA
269. Joseph M Cunningham M.S. (Safety), Pasadena, MD, USA
270. Verne Dagenais, O.D., Yuma, AZ, USA
271. Thomas J.D’Agostino, P.E., B.S. (Engineering), M.B.A., President, IEEE, NYC NSPE, Ronkonoma, NY, USA
272. Stephen P. Dailey, B.S. (Civil Engineering), General Manager, Fairfax Drainage District, Kansas City, KS
273. Bonnie Daniel, Chaplain, Tiffin, OH, USA
274. Rev. Robert A. Davies, M.Div, Reverend, Kanta, Ontario, Canada
275. Richard Day, M.S. (Chemistry), Whitney Point, NY, USA
276. Flavio José Rodrigues De Aguiar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
277. P. DeBlac, New Zealand
278. Robert Delisle, A.S. (Dental Hygiene), Dental Hygienist, San Diego, CA, USA
279. George P. Demers, NY, USA
280. Carole S. Denner, B.S. (Nursing), Registered Nurse, Board Certified in Medical and Surgical Nursing, Springfield, VA, USA
281. William Derbes, M.S. (Aerospace Engineering), Proprietor, BCDAerospace, CA, USA
282. Peter Dodson, Ph.D. (Geology and Geophysics), Professor of Veterinary Anatomy and Paleontology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
283. Rachel Dilly, B.S. (Geological Engineering), Owner, Terra Solutions, Saint James, MO, USA
284. Gioacchino Di Nardo, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
285. David J. Doiron, J.D., SPHR, Business Consultant, Spring, TX, USA
286. Dr. Rory Donnellan, FRCPA (Anatomical Pathology), Doctor, Immaculata Pathology, Beaudesert Queensland, Australia
287. Terry W. Donze, B.S. (Geological Engineering), Geophysicist, Wheat Ridge, CO, USA
288. David S. Duerden M.S. (Family Science), Ph.D. (Candidate), Provo, UT, USA
289. Jacques Dumon, Cassis, France
290. Brigitte Dunn, Hollywood, FL, USA
291. Gilbert Dupuis, M.B.A., B.A. (Geography), Chelsea, Quebec, Canada
292. Denise Easton, M.S. (Education), Teacher, Indiana, USA
293. F. Bruce Eckhoff, President, Telos Consulting Services, Retired, Fullerton, CA, USA
294. Lynn Egan, B.A. (Sociology/Psychology), Hartland, WI, USA
295. Moira C. Egan, B.A. (History), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
296. Jose Enrique Eizayaga, M.D., Homeopathy Department Director, Universidad Maimonides, Buenos Aires, Argentina
297. Linda Ekers, B.S. (Food Science and Technology), Medfield, MA, USA
298. Andrew P. Eppink, B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), Los Angeles, CA, USA
299. William Evans, M.D., General/Vascular Surgeon, West Park Hospital, Cody, WY, USA
300. Don Evanson, Minnesota City, MN, USA
301. Mr & Mrs. Robert Fales, Bangor, PA, USA
302. Billy Falling, B.Th, Theology, Education, Rev./Founder, FreedomCorp, International, Chula Vista, CA, USA
303. Missy Farber, M.A. (Special Education Residential), USA
304. Paul R. Farrell M. D., Spring Lake, N.J., USA
305. Teresa Ferrazzi, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
306. Lynda Finneran, Dublin, Ireland
307. David J. Finney,B.Tech. (Ind Chem), NZCSC, Matua Tauranga Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
308. Cheryl Fornelli, Aurora, IL, USA
309. John R. Fowler, Jr. M.D., Director of Emergency Medicine, Kent Hospital, Cigli Izmir,Turkey
310. Huub Franke, Oslo, Norway
311. John T.R. Freeman, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), AFTS (Theology), Reverend, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
312. Janet L. Frisco, Summerville, SC, USA
313. Jun Raymund Fuerte, Manila, Philippines
314. Donald P. Galamaga, M.P.A. (Public Policy and Administration), CCP/DGCP (Energy), Captain, United States Navy, Retired, Former Mental Health Director, State of Rhode Island, Warwick, RI, USA
315. James Garner, Washington, USA
316. Carolyn Garner, Washington, USA
317. Rev. Charlie Garrett, B.A. (Religious Studies), Pastor, USA
318. Willa E. Gibson, J.D., Attorney, Akron, OH, USA
319. Morgan James Gilcrest, Concerned Catholic Layman, Steubenville, OH, USA
320. Joseph L. Gilio, M.S. (Zoology), President Sunergy Power systems, Inc., Wetlands Management, Inc. founder and owner (1981-2006), Palm City, FL, USA
321. June Gilsenan-Ely, Aromas, CA, USA
322. Joseph A. Glean, Founder and National Spokesman, Rise to the Rescue, Alexandria, VA, USA
323. Bill Godwin, Brentwood, TN, USA
324. Frances Gomez, USA
325. Raymond M. Gorka, Littleton, CO, USA
326. Mario Goveia, M.B.A., Retired, MI, USA
327. David Graham, M.S. (Business), Melbourne, Australia
328. Laurence W. Greenbank, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Staff Engineer, BMS, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
329. Peter Groot, B.S. (Mathematics), Staff Scientist, Retired, San Jose, CA, USA
330. Francisco Gutierrez, M.S. (Environmental Science), Redondo Beach, CA, USA
331. Dr. Hubert Haar, Germany
332. Luther Haave, B.S. (Physics), Broadcasting Engineer, Retired, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
333. Clinton J. Haggerty, B.S. (Math/Physical Science), St. Paul Park, Minnesota, USA
334. Mike Hall, Architect, Consejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Republica Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
335. Teresa Hall-Matthews, D.D.S., Dental Surgeon, Roseville, CA, USA
336. Scott Hamilton, Miramar, FL, USA
337. Thomas G. Hamrick, VA, USA
338. John J. Hand, B.C.E. (Sanitary Engineering), P.E., Holliston, MA, USA
339. Jonathan Hangas, B.A. (Geology), M.S. (Ceramics), Grosse Ile, MI, USA
340. Audrey Hanlon
341. Patricia A. Heath, B.A. (Elementary Education), Westminster, Maryland, USA
342. Jason A. Hedke, IL, USA
343. Raymond Heinz, Orange, CA, USA
344. James K. Henderson, B.S. (Chemical Engineering), Professional Engineer, LA, CA, Audubon Engineering, Covington, LA, USA
345. Thomas Hennick, B.S., WI, USA
346. Gustavo Herrero, M.B.A. (Strategy Business), U.A.D.E. – Argentina, Miami Lakes, FL, USA
347. Judy Hess, OK, USA
348. Dale K. Heuer, IL, USA
349. Katherine T. Hoffman, Clarion, PA, USA
350. Paul D. Hoffman, B.A. (Economics/Biology), Consultant, Resource Management Strategies, Prospect, VA, USA
351. Susan S Hooper, B.S. (Chemical Engineering), Katy, TX, USA
352. Susan W. Horne, FL, USA
353. Maureen Hurson, M.A. (English Literature), Yorktown Heights, NY, USA
354. Shawn Jackson, USA
355. Charles W. Jarvis, J.D., President, Oakseed International, Dunn Loring, VA, USA
356. Joel D. Johnson, M.D., East Texas Medical Center, Tyler, TX, USA
357. Natasha Johnston, B.S.N., USA
358. L. E. Joiner, Saxonville, MA, USA
359. Michael Kakooza, Ph.D. (Communication and Ideology), Victoria University Kampala, Kampala, Uganda
360. David G. Kamakaris, M.S. (Geology), Science Teacher, Virginia Beach, VA, USA
361. Mr. John C. Keenan, J.D., O.P., V.P., Lay Provincial Council, Holy Name of Jesus (Western) Dominican Province, USA; Deputy Attorney General, State of Idaho., Boise, Idaho, U.S.A.
362. Karen M. Keller, M.A. (Education Administration), Fifth Grade Social Studies Teacher, Valentine, NE, USA
363. Gregory Kerr, NJ, USA
364. James P. Kirby, M.S. (Petroleum Geology), Baton Rouge, LA, USA
365. Jack Mark Klamer B.S., BHEc. C.H., B.S. (Microbiology), B.S. (Nutritional Sciences),
366. Mia Klein
367. Maureen Kline, TX, USA
368. Cindy Knight, Red Bluff, CA, USA
369. Dennis S. Krupski, Diploma Electronics & Education, Instructor Instrumentation, Retired, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
370. Anne Krysiak, B.A. (Political Science), Research Administrator, University of California, Berkeley, Castro Valley, CA, USA
371. Ruth A. Ku, USA
372. Carl W. Kuehne, J.D., USA
373. Charles Lacourrege, B.S. (Accounting), New Orleans, LA, USA
374. Francis Richard Lambert, A.M. (Curriculum Development), Commander, USNR, Retired, Eagle Rock, Virginia, USA
375. Paul Langley, Jacksonville Beach, FL, USA
376. Phyllis Jean Lawton, Bridgman, MI, USA
377. Michael Leggett, B.S. (Political Science), Richmond Hill, NY, USA
378. Anne Lesch, M.A. (Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies), Greenfield, IN, USA
379. Kathleen A. Leonards, LA, USA
380. Richad G. Lewis, Ph.D. (Communication Disorders), Professor, Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO, USA
381. Jonathan Liem, Singapore
382. Paulette Little, B.S. (Nursing), Bayard, NE, USA
383. Jason Longenbach, Saylorsburg, PA, USA
384. Carolynn Lucca, B.S. (Accounting), CEO, Healthy Start Educational Corp., Huntington, NY, USA
385. Brian James Lydon, B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Retired, Queensland, Australia
386. Janice A. Lyons, Pisgah Forest, NC, USA
387. Javier Monreal Malpesa, Madrid, Spain
388. Shawn Marshall, M.S. (Computer Science), Retired, Hardy, VA, USA
389. Nestor Martinez, Licenciado en Filosofia, Uruguay
390. Juan Ignacio Maschio
391. Jewelle Mathes, B.A. (Philosophy), Tuttle, OK, USA
392. Shane Leslie Mattison, B.A. (Political Science), B.Ed., (Secondary Social Studies), Calgary, Alberta, Canada
393. Ary Mattos, Brazil
394. Kathleen May, B.S.N., Registered Nurse, Edgewood, WA, USA
395. Michael Jerel McAnly, Hillsboro, TN, USA
396. James McCabe, D.D.S., MO, USA
397. R.T. McCRUM, J.D., B.A. (Geology), Washington, DC, USA
398. Michael McDermott, Concord, CA, USA
399. James McGarrahan, Phoenix, AZ, USA
400. Patrick R. McKim, M.B.A.
401. Leo McLeman, B.S. (Enterprise & Technology Management), Falmouth, Cornwall, Great Britain
402. Edward P. McMahon, Ph.D., (Systems Science), Williamsburg, VA, USA
403. Robert M. McMillan, A.S. (Automotive Technology), Lilburn, GA, USA
404. Kathi Mickan, Sealy, Texas, USA
405. Michael Minnis, J.D., Attorney, Edmond, OK, USA
406. Cindee Martin Morgan, Cottage Grove, Minnesota, USA
407. Charles F. Morton, D.D.S., Doctor, Retired, Union City, MI, USA
408. Paul Michael Murphy, LL.M. (Taxation), Wilmette, IL, USA
409. Thomas J. Myers, B.S. (Business Administration), Independent Project Manager/Project Management Consultant, Project Manager, Tennessee Valley Authority, Retired, Chattanooga, TN, USA
410. Thomas Nagy, Rancho Cordova, California,
411. Daniel W, Nebert, M.D., Professor of Environmental Health, Biophysics, Pediatrics, and Genetics, Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati School of Medicine & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Wilsonville, Oregon, USA
412. Steven D. Nelson, M.A. (Biology), President/CEO, Plant Sciences, Inc., CA, USA
413. Tim Neubauer, Brussels, Belgium
414. Noah Nevils, Azusa, CA, USA
415. Zygmunt Nierada, Poland
416. Angela Nighswander, USA
417. Joey Nilan, B.S.N. (Nursing), R.N., Woodbury, MN, USA
418. Anthony Nini, M.S. (Accounting), Princeton, NJ, USA
419. Rick Nofzinger, Summerfield, FL, USA
420. Ursula Nusgen M.Sc. (Tropical Paediatrics), MRCPCH, FRCPath, Mater Private Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
421. Gerard Ockerse, B.S. (Biochemistry), Auckland, New Zealand
422. W. O’Dell, IL, USA
423. Sandra O’Gorman, NY, USA
424. Rocco Oliva, Adelaide, South Australia
425. Adele Olsen, New Zealand
426. Natacha Ornellas Pires Carvalho, Sao Paulo, Brazil
427. Philip O’Shea, Carrick on Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland
428. Geraldine M Ostrowski, B.A. (Business Management), Mount Penn, PA, USA
429. John B. Pachol, B.S. (Civil Engineering), Professional Engineer, Public Works Department, City of Johnson City Tennessee, Jonesborough, Tennessee, USA
430. Christina Pasterz, Licensed Practical Nurse, AZ, USA
431. Gerald E. Pease, M.S., Aerospace Engineer, Retired, The Aerospace Corporation, Manhattan Beach, California, USA
432. Anibal Pellino, Chemical Engineer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
433. Steven Mark Pilling, B.S. (Geology), Sul Ross State University, Houston, TX, USA
434. Serge Plourde,
435. Fr. Vidko Podrzaj, Sierra Leone
436. Rick Postma, B.S. (Electrical Engineering & Management), Brantford, Ontario, Canada
437. Bobby J. Prochaska, Ph.D. (Mathematics), Retired, Charlotte, NC, USA
438. Eric Puetz, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Georgetown, TX, USA
439. James Puglisi, B.S. (Information Systems), Amsterdam, NY, USA
440. Mr. Geoffrey Purcell, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
441. Douglas C. Purdy, Pacific Palisades, CA, USA
442. Cesar Ignacio Leon Quillas, Bogota, Columbia
443. Marilyn Quirk, Metairie, LA, USA
444. Jerome P. Raispis, B.S. (Economics), Scottsboro, AL, USA
445. Nicola Randall, B.A.
446. Eileen Ratigan, B.S., Callaway, NE, USA
447. James Ray, USA
448. Betty Raymark, B.S.N., Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
449. Dino Rebellato, B.Sc. Ed. (Physics & Mathematics), Thornbury, Victoria, Australia
450. John Redden, Moscow, Idaho, USA
451. Dorothy M. Ricci, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia
452. Lyon M. Rich, B.S. (Physics). M.B.A. (Operations), President, L. M. Rich Associates Inc., St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
453. Carmen von Richthofen, M.S. (Clinical Psychology), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
454. Linda M. Rigot, J.D., Florida Administrative Law Judge, Florida Division of Administrative Hearings, Retired, Florida, USA
455. Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, Ecologist, Evangelist, North American Climate, Conservation, and Environment (NACCE), Roosevelt, NY
456. Victoria Roderwald, B.S. (Biology), Carey, IL, USA
457. Douglas Rogalla, M.S. (Information Systems Management), Kendall, Wisconsin, USA
458. George Roxandich, Candidate, State Representative, Bethlehem, PA, USA
459. Monica Rueda De Leon, B.A.(Political Science), Camarillo, CA, USA
460. Frederick Peter Rumak, B.S. (Geology), President, Rumak Resource Consultants Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
461. Sean E. Ryan, B.S. (Accounting), Houston, TX, USA
462. Danny G. Sage, B.S. (Physics, Electrical Engineer, and Computer Engineering), Seattle, Washington, USA
463. Mr. Patricio W. Sanchez, P.E., SPEC, B.S. (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering), Director/Petroleum Engineer, SanTech Upstream, LLC, Farmington, NM, USA
464. David J. Sansoterra, M.D., Doctor, Premier Care Pediatrics, Cortland, OH, USA
465. John Scarry, M.E. (Civil Engineering), Auckland, New Zealand
466. R. M. Scheidel, Master’s Equivalency, Special Education Teacher, Retired, Berwyn, PA, USA
467. Russell Scott, Sydney, Australia
468. Mark Shepard, M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Vermont State Senator (2003-2006), Rustburg, VA, USA
469. F. M. Shyanguya, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Honolulu, HI, USA
470. Samita Sigala, Shawnee, OK, USA
471. Curtis Simpson, London, Ontario, Canada
472. Allen R. Slagle, Sergeant Bluff, Iowa, USA
473. Bryan Snyder, Huntsville, OH, USA
474. Janice Snyder, Huntsville, OH, USA
475. Christiane Sonneville, Destelbergen Oost Vlaanderen, Belgium
476. Troy J. Sponaugle, M.S. (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering), Fairfax, VA, USA
477. James and Shirley Stagg, Newnan, GA, USA
478. Jane Stalker, USA
479. Dennis Stalker, USA
480. Kyle Stallings, B.A. (Finance), Managing Partner, Desert Royalty Company, LLC., Midland, TX, USA
481. Angela Stanton, B.S. (Business Leadership / Bible), Administrative Assistant, Nazareth Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA
482. Roland H. Stearns, Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary Studies), Adjunct Professor, SUU – Utah, Cedar City, UT, USA
483. Brenda Stecker, USA
484. David Stewart, M.B.A., Vero Beach, FL, USA
485. Patty Stover, Seattle, WA, USA
486. Terri Stricklin, USA
487. Max J. Striedl Sr., USA
488. Sally Stuart, USA
489. Rodney R. Stuart, M.B.A., Professional Engineer, MIPENZ, Retired, Dilston, Australia
490. Rodney R Stubbs, B.S. (Natural Resources), Salem, OR, USA
491. Robert M. Stuendel, B.S. (Communications), Orlando, FL, USA
492. John J. Sullivan, J.D., Kirkland, WA, USA
493. Teresa R. Sullivan, Houston, TX, USA
494. Bret Sunnerville, M.Th., Martin, MI, USA
495. Howard Ramsey Sutherland, J.D., CT, USA
496. Guy Takamatsu, CA, USA
497. Jean Talanda, M.S. (Geology), Environmental Project Manager, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
498. Preston Lawrence Talanda-Fisher, OCDS, J.D., Kalamazoo, MI, USA
499. Gerald V. Tangren, M.S. (Environmental Sciences), Computer Systems Administrator, Washington State University, East Wenatchee, Washington, USA
500. Nicholas William Tesdorf, B.S. (Archeology), Kings Cross, Australia
501. Helene Thomason, FL, USA
502. Janet H. Thompson, M.S.(Agricultural Economics), Dalhart, TX, USA
503. Eric van Steenis, B.S. (Biochemistry), B.S. (Forestry), RPF (Registered Professional Forester), Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada
504. Leeta von Buelow, B.A. (German/Geology), Dexter, MI, USA
505. Marilyn M. Thompson, USA
506. Theresa F. Tompkins, B.S. (Biology), Medical Laboratory Scientist, MD Anderson Hospital, Houston, Friendswood, TX, USA
507. Nancy Jo Tucker, Houston, TX, USA
508. Marcia Turnquist, M.S. (Journalism), Portland, OR, USA
509. Kate Velkin, New York, USA
510. Andrew Visser, M.A. (Counseling Psychology), CEO, Connections Inc. Employee Assistance Program, Brinnon, WA, USA
511. Beatrice Voytko, USA
512. Gerald Wagoner, Piqua, OH, USA
513. Anthony Waldroup, M.D., M.P.H (Medicine, Public Health), Belleville, IL, USA
514. Bruce W. Walters M.D., Physician, St. Luke Hometown Healthcare, Brighton MI, USA
515. Joyce Wangsgard, Greenville, CA, USA
516. Owens Wayne, M.Ed. (Human Resource Development), Cincinnati, OH, USA
517. Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm., Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA
518. Steven J. Welcenbach, B.S. (Chemistry), Alchemical Ventures, Inc./Reality News, Menomonee Falls, WI, USA
519. Louis G. Wenner, Jr., B.S. (Bible & Pastoral Studies), Metochoi Ministry, Glassboro, NJ, USA
520. Eric J. Werme, B.S. (Electrical Engineering), Boscawen, NH, USA
521. Mrs. Carolyn West, KS, USA
522. William Henry Werst, Jr., B.S. (Mechanical Engineering), President, InterAssociates, Inc, Retired,
523. Robert White, Sunshine, LA, USA
524. Jan Willem Van Gent, Law, MCL International Law, Senior Policy Advisor Ministry Economic Affairs, Eureka, MT, USA
525. Gary Woodams, M.Ed. (Mathematics), Bainbridge, GA, USA
526. Peter Wrenshall, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
527. Gary A. Young, M.S. (Mechanical Engineering), M.B.A. (Finance), Retired CEO of technology company, Environmentalists for Nuclear Power, CO, USA